Although facials may be viewed as a luxury, your skin would benefit from incorporating them to become a regular part of your skincare routine. Consistent facial treatments can enhance the appearance and texture of the skin, providing it with a healthy and radiant glow. The recommended frequency of facial treatments will depend on your specific skin requirements and the results you wish to achieve.

Refresh and renew your skin

Minimally, everyone should get a facial treatment at the change of seasons. Each extreme temperature variation causes changes in the skin. First, and most importantly, a chemical peel needs to be performed on the skin to remove all the keratinized cells. This will allow the skin to “breathe” and efficiently absorb and gain optimum benefits from the products applied to it. It will also help to eliminate toxins and stimulate cell renewal. Deep exfoliation is essential to achieve results and obtain glowing, radiant skin.

Improve and maintain skin health

For those with no real skincare concerns, facial treatments should be scheduled once every 6-8 weeks, to address any minor concerns, deeply exfoliate, treat and maintain the optimal health of the skin. This also allows the aesthetician to review the homecare prescription, as the individual would need to replenish their products in this timeframe. This ensures they are using the best possible products for their skin’s needs as even moderate skin changes can require a different homecare product.

Address skin concerns

The timeline for anyone with specific skin concerns would depend on the severity of the condition.

  • Acneic skin would initially require a once-per-week treatment series lasting 6-8 weeks. The skin should be evaluated weekly so the schedule can be adjusted according to the skin’s response. Maintenance should be once-per-month to ensure comedones are extracted, blemishes are treated, the homecare prescription works well, and no adjustments are required.
  • Visible signs of aging: Individuals wishing to minimize expression lines, wrinkles and skin atony might require several series of treatments, each ranging from 4 to 7 weeks.
    • Expression lines: Initially, expression lines should be addressed in a 4-week series with the Botinol treatment. The client would work with the homecare products targeting this type of wrinkle for 8 weeks. If it were a younger client with only minimal expression lines, then the maintenance required would be once per month following the initial series.
    • Wrinkles: The next step should be to target the wrinkles caused by skin aging. This requires a series of 5 Collagen treatments over 7 weeks. It is essential to ensure the proper homecare products are being used to achieve the maximum benefits, depending on the user’s age. Marine Collagen Revitalizing Cream and the Phyto Stem Cell collection are favourites of individuals exhibiting early signs of skin aging, while the Mature Perfection collection is preferred by clients over 50.
    • Skin atony: Skin atony should be addressed following the treatment of lines and wrinkles. The Hydrolifting treatment should be performed in a 4-week series, with the 4D Visible Lifting Cream and Serum used for homecare.

Above are just a few examples of various skin conditions, with the optimal timeline for facial treatments. Of course, there are many other skin types and conditions we treat, such as sensitivity, rosacea, dryness, and oiliness, among others. Every skin is unique and, therefore, requires the expertise of an aesthetician to perfectly address their individual skin needs.

Promote relaxation and prioritize self-care

Lastly, self-care is now more important than ever for both mental and physical health. A facial treatment not only provides skin health, but also allows us an escape to relax, unwind, and reduce stress, leaving us feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to face the world.