Mists are not new in the skincare world; however, they have become the newly recognized, “indispensable” product in the skincare regimen.

What’s the difference between a mist and a toner?

Unlike traditional toners that are often drying, alcohol-based and applied to the skin with a cotton pad as a final cleansing step, treating mists are aqueous-based formulations loaded with ingredients to initiate the treating process and drench the skin in moisture.



When should you apply it?

Mist should be applied after the final cleansing step in your homecare protocol, both morning and evening, to increase the skin’s hydration and the dispersion and absorption of the subsequently applied treatment serums and creams. Therefore, if you intend to apply an exfoliant and a mask, the mist should be applied after the exfoliation and before the mask. It should also be applied over the entire face, neck, and décolleté. Generally, 3 to 4 pumps are recommended, however, you can never be too misty.


Why should you add it to your routine?

Mists are the first treating step in the homecare protocol and they’re also extremely versatile. They can be used throughout the day to set and freshen-up makeup, to refresh the skin after a workout, to hydrate the skin at the beach or on a flight, as a quick “pick me up” when skin is looking dull and tired, to mattify and purify oily skin, or to soothe sensitive skin. They also come in a mini travel size making it convenient to always have it on hand.

Mist may also be interchanged throughout the year to address skin conditions relating to the climate. For example, in the humid summer months, if your T-zone becomes too oily, you can switch from Hydramucine® Hydrating Mist to Puractive+ Purifying Mist to help visibly minimize sebum and comedones, and mattify the skin.

G.M. COLLIN has multiple mist formulations available to suit all skin types and conditions.




This hydrating powerhouse contains a unique combination of sodium PCA, essential amino acids, sodium hyaluronate, and aloe vera to restore skin moisture, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.

  • Restores moisture and allows the skin to better protect itself against dehydrating conditions
  • Helps maximize the benefits of other G.M. COLLIN skincare products




This fragrance-free, colourant-free mist contains honey extract, aloe vera, and allantoin, with natural moisturizers to instantly soothe sensitive skin.

  • Visibly reduces redness
  • Regenerates and protects the skin’s moisture barrier




Specifically targeting oily skin concerns, this refreshing mist is formulated with a complex of essential oils to visibly purify the skin, antibacterial extracts of boldo and rose myrtle, and copper, zinc, and magnesium to protect the skin.

  • Pores appear tighter and sebum is visibly reduced
  • Provides a mattifying effect and leaves the skin feeling fresh and energized