By now, you’ve probably heard about retinol and its multiple skin benefits. It’s no secret that retinol is currently in the spotlight, but you should know that this holy grail ingredient is here to stay. Let’s delve into the basics you need to know about retinol and how to incorporate it into your nighttime skincare routine for healthier skin.

What is retinol and how does it work on the skin?

Retinol is a form of retinoid derived from vitamin A. The way the skin metabolizes retinol is very simple. In the skin, retinol is first oxidized to form retinal. Retinal is then oxidized to generate retinoic acid that binds to certain proteins in the cytoplasm of cells, a step necessary to allow retinoic acid to enter the nucleus of cells and bind itself to DNA. It is the action of retinoic acid on DNA that accounts for all its biological effects on skin.



What are benefits of retinol?

Retinol increases cell turnover, which not only assists in diminishing the signs of aging but also reduces the buildup of dead skin cells, to keep the pores clear and reduce acne breakouts. It stimulates collagen production and regulates MMPs, helping to protect and repair photo aged and naturally aged skin. Retinol has also been effective in treating keratosis pilaris. The result is a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, an improvement in skin structure, and a reduction in the appearance of age spots.


How should I use retinol?

Retinol should be applied at night, as it is susceptible to light and it benefits the skin during its repair process. We recommend progressing slowly when beginning retinol use. Start applying a retinol product every second or third night, for the first week or two, depending on the individual’s skin tolerance, then increase applications up to every night in the weeks following.

Because of the increase in cell turnover, retinol should not be used more than 30 or 60 consecutive days, as overuse can thin the skin.



Are there products or ingredients that I should not use while also using retinol?

When using retinol, we recommended avoiding using AHA or BHA products. Vitamin C can be applied; however, it should only be used in the morning, while retinol should be applied in the evening to avoid overstimulation of the skin. Dermaplaning or any resurfacing treatment should be avoided when using retinol and exfoliants. A daily application of sun protection with an SPF of 30 or higher is essential when using retinol.


How long will it take to see the results of retinol?

Depending on the severity of the skin condition being treated, we can see results in as little as 2 weeks. Using retinol every evening, for 2 months, will provide the maximum results.

G.M. COLLIN products and retinol

G.M. COLLIN uses an encapsulated form of retinol. This delivery system isolates retinol deep within the core of a Poly-Pore® matrix, helping to minimize exposure to light and oxygen and significantly improve the stability of retinol. This slowing of the release of retinol enables its use at efficacious levels with minimal irritation.

G.M. COLLIN and GMC Medical offer three concentrations of retinol formulations in their products, to allow all skin types and conditions to achieve optimal results. For anyone with deep wrinkles, acne scarring, or severe age spots, a step-up approach with retinol is beneficial to achieve maximum results. Depending on the individual’s skin, we recommend beginning with a product containing retinol at a 0.1% concentration for a month, then changing to a 0.5% retinol concentration. If the person’s skin is thicker and more tolerant of retinol, we recommend they begin with a 0.5% concentration for a month, then increase to 1% for the following month. Following a series of retinol treatments, we recommend using repairing products to restore the skin.





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