G.M. Collin Diamond

Tips for beautiful skin


As time passes, the skin’s physiology changes and the products that worked wonders in your thirties may not work to your advantage ten years later. Now your skin must be protected from environmental stressors, reducing the appearance of expression lines, promoting skin renewal, revitalizing, lifting, firming, or countering the visible signs of aging.

For each age and each skin care concern there is a solution!

G.M.Collin offers you Phyto Stem Cell + routine, GF Advanced Repair Serum, and our exclusive Diamond Collection to bring the radiance and vitality back to your skin.

Offer yourself or your mother a moment of relaxation and a radiant skin with Collagen 90-II treatment.

Consumer Warning regarding Unauthorized Resellers!

G.M. Collin does not sell its products online. Any G.M. Collin products offered for sale by unauthorized retailers or internet merchants are not approved or backed by G.M. Collin. If you purchase from an unauthorized retailer of G.M. Collin, the product will not be guaranteed for our quality, authenticity and satisfaction.

G.M. Collin strongly recommends purchasing our products only through a licensed skincare professional and authorized spas and clinics.

G.M. Collin asks that consumers be cautious and aware when purchasing cosmetic products online. To find a local authorized dealer of G.M. Collin products please call customer service at 1-800-341-1531 (USA) or 1-800-361-1263 (Canada), or use our online Spa locator.