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G.M. Collin’s journey began in 1957, when Dr. Lapinet, a renowned Parisian dermatologist, pioneered the use of collagen pellicles on burn victims to help heal and regain the healthy look of their skin.

For the past 60 years, G.M. Collin has continued its tradition of excellence and innovation with the mission of providing the opportunity for everyone to discover both their unique beauty and absolute self-confidence.

G.M. Collin develops superior skin care products, from preventive care to combating the first signs of aging and for mature skin, achieving unmatched results for all skin types and conditions, thanks to its recognized expertise and innovative ingredients.

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G.M. Collin, an undisputed leader in dermo-corrective skin care solutions, develops all products with the continuous goal of providing state-of-the-art product formulations.

Our teams of scientists, comprised of chemists, dermatologists and biologists, conduct hundreds of studies in the development of new products. Each formula is the culmination of years of research and development to obtain the most effective skin care solutions on the market, while minimizing the risk of irritation and promoting allergen-free fragrances.

The efficacy and safety of each product is confirmed by rigorous clinical studies conducted from a pool of thousands of volunteers. Every detail is carefully studied to ensure unparalleled results.


G.M. Collin is committed to its social responsibility by donating to breast cancer organizations and international humanitarian projects that support women’s education and development.

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When our teams select innovative, high-quality, and superior ingredients from around the world, they choose renewable-sourced ingredients to reduce their environmental impact and preserve the well-being of communities. Our boxes are made from recycled paper, making G.M. Collin an eco-friendly choice. Choose products developed and made entirely in Canada by a team of passionate and dedicated scientists and professionals from Laboratoires Dermo-Cosmetik.


A recipient of more than 50 beauty awards, G.M. Collin remains an undisputed leader in the skin care industry, with its innovative formulas that have earned the praises and recognition of the scientific and cosmetic communities. An extensive network of beauty experts from across North America has chosen G.M. Collin as a brand that delivers assured performance and results to its clientele.


Hollywood has been rolling out the red carpet for G.M. Collin since 2005. By providing our trusted clinical treatments and homecare products to celebrities to ensure they are ‘red carpet ready”, G.M. Collin has become one of the premier partners of the Oscars.


G.M. Collin - a favorite among beauty editors and bloggers in North America.

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