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G.M. Collin Vital C 10% + Peptides

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Tips of the month

Good, Healthy and Radiant Skin Starts With Clean Skin!

The summer months have dehydrated and thickened your skin, exfoliation becomes your best friend. We remove the accumulation of dead skin’s cells to reveal a much more luminous, brighter skin. Cleansing is the important first step to your skin care routine. Ask your aesthetician for advise; it will only take a few minutes for her to recommend the cleanser or exfoliant best adapted to your skin type and condition(s). A surface cleanser removes superficial impurities by emulsifying sebum, perspiration, dust and make-up which can be easily rinsed away. Deep cleansers provide a deeper cleansing action required for oily and acne prone skin by dissolving the inlaid liquid sebum in the corneum layers not removed by surface cleansers. Whatever your personal selection may be, it is important to cleanse your skin morning and evening.

AUGUST tip of the month products

G.M. Collin does not sell its products online. Therefore, G.M. Collin products offered for sale by unauthorized resellers or internet merchants are not approved by
GM Collin and are not backed by our quality, authenticity and satisfaction guarantees.

G.M. Collin strongly recommends purchasing our products only through recommendation by licensed treatment professionals at G.M. Collin authorized clinics and spas.

G.M. Collin invites its clients to be cautious when buying cosmetic products and to contact the corporate Customer Service at 1-800-341-1531 (USA) or 1-800-361-1263 (Canada) to find the authorized G.M. Collin merchants.